Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tyler at 5 Month

Tyler is my nephew so I may have some bias here, but I think he may be one of the happiest, most sociable and cutest little boys in the world. He is smiling all of the time. He is squawking a lot of the time, too, but the squawking is sheer happiness or curiosity. And boy is his laugh hardy. Oh, and he loves dancing and loves music (including Ryan Adams, The Band, Josh Rouse, Fleet Foxes and Casey Frazier). A quick story about the music thing: One time a Casey Frazier song came on and he stopped what he was doing, turned to my sister and smiled. For a five month old to have that kind of response was pretty hilarious to my sister. Yes, he does cry but his smiling and squawking outweigh almost anything else. That all being said, I took pictures of him again and if you compare these pictures with the shots I got when he was just a few weeks old you will see that babies really do grow quickly.  

These shots in the green sock specifically show how much he has grown. My sister wanted to visually measure his growth by putting him back in the knitted sack that his first shoot was taken in and I think that it definitely is telling. Not to mention, this time he could practically wiggle himself out of it. 

Tyler is also starting to get some teeth in (now at 6 months) but he was quite drool-y when I took these as his mouth was getting ready for those razor blades we call teeth to come in. 

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