Thursday, March 11, 2010

Maybe this is an explanation

This is all I want to do: I want to be warm. I want to be tan. I want to have time to read what I want to read.

Lately, I have been obsessed with Victoria's Secret and all of their bathing suits and cover ups. I cannot stop looking for shoes and boots online. I cannot stop thinking about being tan. I cannot stop thinking about how I am going to fit in working out when I get back from spring break. Tonight I think I put my finger on why my mind has been preoccupied with these thoughts that I normally would consider to be petty and shallow: I am bored with the location that I am in. I am sick of the weather and there is not much more I want to really explore in Seattle. Nope, I want to be in a warm location where I am not tied down by school and I have freedom... only the freedom that comes with the idea of summer. Hopefully spring break will be enough of a fix until June. And then maybe I will be back to myself.

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