Saturday, March 6, 2010


I am currently watching The Devil Came on Horseback. Here is the trailer for the film:

Darfur has been on my heart in the past few days. I often receive email updates from Save Darfur, a nonprofit advocacy organization, and recently I have realized that I mindlessly delete the updates more often than not. As I went to delete an unread update the other day I found myself hesitate. I hesitated because my first thought was unbelief that nothing has been done for the protection of the people of Darfur...still. The genocide is still going on and outbursts still make the news. Yet, we still are not seeing any action from any country to make sure that this violence stops. The UN has agreed on sanctions that still have not been implemented fully.

I have to admit that I have become callous to the genocide in Darfur. I think part of me has allowed other "causes" and my "busy" life cloud the atrocities there. The viewing of this documentary has fired me up to do something again. I feel the rage that I once felt again that we are not learning from the genocide that occurred in Rwanda. I am angry that the world promised to never let this happen again and we are sitting back allowing it to happen. I no longer feel callous. Rather, I have been reminded of all of these things and I hope that I do not forget again.

Please join me in making sure that Darfur continues to have advocates fighting for justice, peace and protection for all of the people of Sudan.

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