Friday, November 5, 2010

An Apple Orchard With No Apples

Right before I left Tennessee, we all trekked out to an apple orchard with the hopes of picking apples and coming home to bake and cook the fruit into many splendid things, like pie and cider. As we were paying at the entrance we were informed that this apple orchard was all out of apples. Yep, the apple orchard had no apples at the end of September. None. Zip. Not-a-one. However, we were promised that there were other treasures to be found.
Like farm animals. That you couldn't pet. But you could look at them. Like these adorable baby goats that we could not keep our eyes off of! Little did we know what impact these baby goats would have on us when we left. I will get to that in a second.

And of course, like any good family friendly place, many great locales for pleasantly fall photos to be taken. Such as the mock "Old Western" strip of rooms including a jail house, a barber and a bank. Okay, so back to those cute baby goats. My Partner-in-Crime and I had been scheming all summer to get goats. We saw these baby goats and instantly fell in love. We could not stop going back and ooh-ing and aww-ing at the babies. Finally, Sue encouraged us to go and ask if they were for sale. Long story short, to save you from the boring details, we left that apple-less apple orchard with a baby goat! The goats weren't really for sale, but this cutie below was rejected by her mother and was just too much work for the family that owned the orchard. So, away we drove with a goat named Stevie. 
Why was she named Stevie? Because Casey was inspired by the following South Park episode:

Only would going to a pick-yourself apple orchard resort in a pick-a-goat outing with this group. I tell you what.

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