Sunday, July 25, 2010

Road Trip: California to Tennessee

Welp, I attempted to blog from my iPhone on my road trip but apparently I did not set it up correctly-- this I blame on the first stop of the trip.

My dear friends and I left after watching the final World Cup game and started heading south towards Disneyland. This is where we spent the first night with some cheap champagne and no Internet. That latter bit is exactly why my mobile blogging did not get set up correctly. We woke up early on Monday morning and started our short walk to the Happiest Place on Earth.
We spent 14 hours in Disneyland on that first day of the road trip and were able to ride all of the best rides and celebrate Caitlin's "first time" all day. One of the highlights of the day was when I almost snuck in to Club 33. If you do not know what Club 33 is you should probably Google it. As we found the two 3's in New Orleans Square and right before the picture below was taken a family opened the door and walked out. It took everything I had to control myself and not to catch that door and run into that elevator. I was so close to accomplishing one of my dreams but I knew that I would only be satisfied if I did it fairly. 
So we took the picture and moved along. The day was topped off with one of the best fireworks show I have seen at Disneyland (complete with a flying Tink and Dumbo!). After a few more rides and poking around in some of the stores we headed back to the motel for a short bit of sleep.

This is where Caitlin and I were on our own across the country. On Tuesday morning we dropped Andrea off at the train station and headed to Arizona to check out the Grand Canyon. We then made it through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and finally made it into Memphis, Tennessee where some friendly men at a gas station assured us that we would be home before we knew it. We made it to Tennessee by Thursday-- just in time for my job interview on Friday. It was a shorter road trip than planned but well worth the drive. 

I am still in the process of settling into my new home and adjusting to this new culture and new way of life. I have been here a little over a week and every day has been filled with music, soccer, swimming in the lake and new eateries. As I get settled I hope to be posting more regularly-- if Internet access permits. But, I am here in Tennessee safely and settling in nicely!

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