Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Call it a New Years Resolution, I suppose

I never can quite figure out what to do with this blog. Sometimes I just want it to be pictures and sometimes I just want it to be my sounding board. I like the idea of being able to express my opinions and thoughts on things that I find interesting. And I like the idea of sharing my photography, but a blog feels as though it is a very unprofessional avenue to do so. What I would really like is to figure out a way to incorporate both of them into one blog-- and that's the part I can't quite figure out. So, my solution is this: With my next pay check I am buying a domain name and making a site for just my photography. I will keep this blog to share thoughts and some of my photography as I see fit. There. I made a plan for myself.

I realize, though, that so much has happened in the past few months and I have not been able to keep up with this blog and the new happenings in my life. So, this will be my catch up blog and from now on I hope to be a little less sporadic with my postings.

First of all, my trip to Nicaragua, the one that I was trying so desperately to document but failed at terribly, can only be summed up as "a great step forward." I think the reason that it was so hard for me to share via this blog was because so much of what happened was simple solidification. I learned a ton, but really it was confirmation that I stumbled off the plane with. I knew I had a passion for Nicaragua and now I had a direction to take with all of these inklings and feelings that were swirling around my head and soul. I came away from Nicaragua realizing that I was not as disconnected from the culture as I thought and the country was really as beautiful as I had imagined. And it's not just my family there is just something about these Nicaraguan women.

Which leads into my next little ditty: I hope to begin to pursue all that I felt solidified in the last few months of 2009. The list looks like this:
1. Being in Nicaragua and then living in Seattle again reminded me of the importance of my relationships with my family . And this was made clear to me again this past Christmas time. I hope to better nurture these relationships and share our culture more deeply.
2. I am Catholic. I must embrace it. I will become confirmed in the Spring of 2011.
3. I will start a website for my photography. I will be more professional with my photography.
4. I will improve my Spanish and get to a point where I feel comfortable speaking it in any situation.

And my latest update is that I have no idea what I am to do after my June 2010 graduation. I want to travel and I want a job I am happy with. The biggest question, however, is whether I will stay in Seattle or if I will move back to California or the newest option... Nashville!


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