Saturday, August 1, 2009

Today I am going to Nicaragua

By the time this is being read this statement will be true:

Today I am going to Nicaragua.

I am not entirely sure of everything I will be doing there and I am sure there will be many a blog when I get back. As of right now I know what was given to me in an email that I am passing along here:

While the itinerary will be subject to change, some of our plans include: a contrast tour of Managua; visits to a liberation theology based catholic church and cultural center, a fair trade women's sewing cooperative, an organic coffee farm, and a nature reserve; meetings with a Nicaraguan economist, a government agency that promotes foreign investment in Nicaragua, a community organizer in one of Managua's poorest neighborhoods, members of a coffee cooperative that has been fair trade certified, union organizers in Nicaragua's garment sector, and representatives at the U.S. embassy; and travel to Matagalpa city and homestays with families in a rural coffee-growing community near Matagalpa.

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