Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am. Going. I am going. Iamgoing!

I realized that I never blogged about going to Nicaragua this summer. I think it is mainly because it had not really sunk in that I was going. Tonight, on the other hand, it sunk in. It sunk in really deep. I bought my plane ticket!!

On August 1st at 7AM in the morning I will be taking of from San Francisco and will be in Managua, Nicaragua after a long day of traveling at 8PM. Yep, 13 hours of traveling. Good thing I like to read. I will spend nine days with Witness for Peace to learn about fair trade and free trade in the coffee industry in Nicaragua. On August 9th I will be meeting up with my uncle and he will be showing me around his native country for a few days.

I finally get to see and experience Nicaragua. This has been a long time coming and part of me wants me to jump out of my skin and the other part of me wants to retract into my shell and never come out. I am so excited to take pictures and come home with visuals to share with those around me. I am nervous because my Spanish is shaky. I cannot wait to eat a Nacatamal. I am so excited to be hot all the time.

I love to travel. I love to see new places. But, this will be different because I am going to come home and I am going to want to go back. I just know it. I am going to come home and my heart will be broken. But it will be so good.


GracietheBum said...

All the more reason to go again! It's exciting when something really sinks in, and sometimes nerve-racking when you realize what it will mean. I can't wait to hear about it from you in the year to come.

Jessica said...

Natalie Natalie Natalie. my fine lady. my heart beats faster knowing that you are going to delve into the world of such things that bring you joy (& make you excited about life). I'm also amped that you get to spend time with your uncle.

someone once told me.. "What are we excepts bits and pieces of where we have been and people we have encountered?"

go. breathe. open your eyes. taste & feel.

you're right it's going to be so good. i'm excited for stories and for seeing your face in september. yes yes yes