Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spring Break 3 Months Late Part 2

Alright, so I am finally caught up with my photo editing... except for the pictures I have taken recently! Hey, I am making progress, right? Either way, here are some pictures from a day at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!

Spring Break Part 2:

These were taken at the wharf down the block from the boardwalk.

These two pictures are of the boardwalk from the wharf. It was a beautifully clear day. And warm! Which was a nice break from the rainy Spring I had in Seattle.

The Giant Dipper is by far one of my favorite roller coasters ever. It is a classic, wooden roller coaster that never gets old! It's also the fifth oldest running roller coaster in the United States. You can read more about the history of it here.

For more pictures from my time in California check me out on Flickr!


SCOTT said...

wowee. their top-notch. it makes you think of caramel popcorn and diving off a pier... really good photos you got goin'. hope to see your entire folio someday (:

Natalie said...

Thanks Scott! :) I appreciate it!

Jessica said...

natalie! i love the swings picture. and the general fun feel of all of these. go contrast go!

:) looks like fun!