Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seattle, C'Mon

Yesterday, while the rain was pounding down on the Queen Anne concrete I drew this picture in Queen Anne Cafe... and then finished it in the Starbucks on the corner where we decided to try and wait out the pour. You know, since we decided to walk to eat lunch and in the middle of our delicious meal Casey, in mid sentence, just stops and stares out the window and utters some profanity that starts with "sh" and ends with "it".

Yesterday, I was thinking that Seattle really need to decide that it was Spring and this back and forth weather just was NOT going to cut it. And then last night there was a thunder and lightning storm-- and now today the sun is out and shining and there is a light breeze.

Alright Seattle, I'll give you one more shot at this Spring thing.

1 comment:

Ashley L. said...

I think your post worked! YAY! Thank you Natalie for urging Spring to make an appearance! woo!