Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holy Week


It was nice to have an Easter that was more home-like than most of the holidays that I end up celebrating in Seattle. I went to an Easter Vigil last night at Blessed Sacrament, a beautiful, old Catholic church in the University District. It was a beautiful service that I got to share with some new-found friends here at Seattle Pacific University.
{I am excited to continue to go to Blessed Sacrament and get to know some of the people that make up the Catholic community here at SPU.}
This morning I got up and had a late breakfast with those that I have spent the last few nights going to mass with. We prayed together, ate some yummy food and talked about our Lenten season. Then, I headed back to my room and finished up some projects that I had laying around. Apart from the rain, today was pretty much all I could have hoped for. I feel so blessed to finally feel as though I have found a home in a community of followers!

Most importantly though, it was one of the most impacting and meaningful Holy Weeks and Easter Celebrations that I have experienced in a long time.

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