Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All of my senses

A walk in the rain, Ryan Adams and Almost Famous.

Each one makes me feel refreshed and reminds me of the beauty in this world. Each also reminds me that life goes on. As Rani says, we have to remember there are seasons and seasons are natural. Change is OK and we need to embrace it because change is inevitable. The rain in the Emerald City is like no other rain I have experienced. I can't describe why, but it is refreshing in the fall. Ryan Adams is not a musician that most would peg as one of my favorites, but he brings me back to reality in a beautiful and inspiring way. Lastly, Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous leaves my heart broken and my soul warm. That move speaks to all of the senses and helps you remember that you are alive and being alive is beautiful.

My whole being needed to be refreshed, brought back to reality, broken to pieces and warmed. I hope this happens again, soon.

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