Friday, December 17, 2010

My Bunny-- amuse me for a moment

Mopsy a few days after I got her
Alright so some may say that I have become obsessed with my Mini Lop, Mopsy. I thought she was a Holland Lop but as she has grown I am almost certain that she is a Mini. I assure you, however, that I do not love my pup any less than my bun. Nonetheless, I decided I would do a little "Mopsy Update" since there are some people who live far away and love her almost as much as I do, but have not gotten to see her grow.

Above you can see Mopsy with my dog Maggie (the m's were not on purpose, I promise). The funny thing about their relationship is that Mopsy is dominant and will chase the dog. They do play, though, and it's pretty cute. I may have to post a video of that sometime soon... It's pretty ridiculous looking. 

When I called my mom to tell her that I was moving home we started to discuss where exactly Mopsy was going to live and what she would live in. My mom, being the great mom she is, went out and bought Mopsy a hutch-- a great hutch that had made a great home.
Please excuse the awful flooring
Mopsy is still a lot less destructive than most rabbits but that may be because we have found what she loves to chew and tear and have made sure she does not have access to those things-- like twig-thin cords (like the one for my MacBook). My brother-in-law, while bored one weekend, built her a cardboard tunnel full of newspaper and beer boxes which keeps her away from the other cords in the room that we keep her.

The point all of this is that she has definitely grown, she loves her new dog friends (Maggie and Kona), and she has become increasingly cuddly. If we are sitting on the couch watching TV and we let her out she will hop around for a bit and dance, but it doesn't take her long to come settle in close to us. She also really likes grooming (and licking!) everybody.

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