Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tennessee from my iPhone

First, I want to share some pictures I have taken from my phone. Mainly because these shots show some of the day in the more candid way than my pictures from my SLR. 

One of my first days in Nashville this is what I happened upon. A train passing by. I caught myself holding my breath in awe over the sight of traffic being stopped for an oncoming train. I knew that this still happened but in my California reality most train tracks no longer interrupted traffic. Rather, train tracks are embedded in the cement as a memory of a way life used to be but is no longer. For whatever reason this train sighting was a moment of awe that I truly was away from home and experiencing a new place.
But of course there are things here, and there have been things since the beginning that keep me comforted of home. People that I know and love and the warmth that comes from the dogs (and the many other animals that I live with).

And, of course, there has been adventure. I have gotten to see a lot of new things-- new bugs, plants, birds, people and places. Above are pictures of a plantation house that we spontaneously stopped at. Walking onto a plantation was another one of those moments that gently told me that I was far away from home. I will have a separate post about this plantation later, so consider this a sneak peek. :)

And lastly, but definitely not least, is Mopsy Flopsy the lop eared rabbit. Earlier I mentioned that I live with lots of animals (the furry and the human kind) and I will introduce you to each individually later. For now, I must show you Mopsy Flopsy (pictured with the two other bunnies on the left). She was a graduation gift from the Frazier to be completely honest, but she didn't cough up the dough for her. Anyway, Mopsy Flopsy was named after two of Peter Rabbit's three sisters and I love her and she is mine. She LOVES carrots in a way that I have known dogs to love bananas and may be the best behaved rabbit in the world. She likes to hop around and make everything into an obstacle course and nibble on noses. She makes the homesick days a little less homesick-like.

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